Goals Focus And Success


Realistic And Achievable

Goal Setting

The next step is to break down each twelve-month goal into four parts and assign each part into a ninety-day segment. The aim of this approach is to develop the idea of detail and clarity ensuring you have defined your most important goals, and to have a clearly assigned completion date for each portion of each goal. Think of your year like a jigsaw puzzle and fit each major goal for the year into a maximum of four high-level steps.

Focus on the detail

Take each ninety-day segment and break it down even further. List the tasks required to be accomplish your ninety-day segment plan. Write the tasks in chronological order and assign each task to one of the twelve weeks in that ninety-day plan. The important thing to note is to make the plans realistic and achievable.

Drive success daily

When you have three major actions that need to get done, your day has purpose. Not only that, but you know that when you have finished those actions, it means you have had a productive, successful day. Feeling productive and successful every day does wonders for your motivation levels and helps drive the subconscious into a positive state. It’s truly incredible how much you can get done when you are living your dream.

It is suggested that successful people think and dream success all of the time. This is why we have the “Weekly Planner” where goals are reviewed and updated frequently. By reviewing the weekly planner constantly you are informing your subconscious this is important to you. This is one of our main steps in Training the Brain.

The aim of the “Weekly Planner” is to help focus your thoughts, this means that what you think about most of the time is what the subconscious will think is the most important thing for you and will try to help you manage your goals to the best of your capabilities. If you focus on problems, the subconscious will try to find you more problems. If you think about actions, goals and dreams, it will try to make them come true.

Over time your subconscious will work with you rather than against you trying to understand what you think is important; it “listens” to your feelings. You become more creative in defining your dreams.


Define The Dream

Goals, Actions And Last Week