Goals, Actions And Last Week


Plotting Progress

The weekly planner starts by helping you to understand what your week looks like. Listing your goals and tasks for the coming week will also surface what is outstanding from the previous week. This will give you a view of progress and help you to focus on your success. If you are slipping behind in meeting your tasks, you can review your plan and re-prioritise your tasks.

Daily Pages

Each daily page captures the Month and Day as a number.

You are then required to log the actions set for the day and any notes that you may consider as important for future reference.

Today’s Inspiration

This section logs anything that may have been inspiring during the day that helps in defining your actions, goals, vision or dream. An example could be a quote in a film, paragraph in a book or an image online.

When looking back over the week reflecting your inspirations you may see synergies that help in adding more depth to your vision, goal setting, actions and desires.

Contacts This Week

Contacts are important as they are used in a number of ways:

  1. Inspirational contacts help you to define and focus on your goals. Their experience, knowledge and success  will guide you in setting your goals.
  2. Contacts may be listeners and help you in voicing your vision and progress. Like affirmations the talking helps in generating the thoughts about you actions and goals in your conscious mind.
  3. Establishing new contacts are part of your weekly goal. Network and help in sharing ideas and thoughts about your goals.

Tomorrows Tasks

Tomorrows Tasks relates to closing the day. Looking back at the tasks outstanding and tasks completed. This may also reflect additional work that may be required tomorrow. Highlighting actions that may have been set for tomorrow. The outcome of Tomorrows Tasks is to clarify and log the what is required for tomorrow.

Affirmations, Vision Board and Goals

We track and measure your success daily. Your aim is to train your brain by highlighting what is most important to you. By confirming you have read your affirmations, viewed your Vision Board and reviewed your goals supports training the brain. This is a notable Torri Enso Planner action to drive positive thoughts that support your vision of success.

Goals Achieved

To close the week, identify the goals achieved and log them. This is your way of telling yourself your are on a path of success and you are achieving your goals. As you look back over the weeks you have the information at hand that reflects your progress. This should inspire you in proving your ability to manage your goals while building your self-belief.

Achievement summary

We all like to see progress that reflects our effort and hard work. The achievement summary shows your effort as a percentage based on your daily routines. On the other hand, the Achievement Summary will also reflect where effort that is required to succeed and turn your dreams in to reality.

Your effort measurement is based on completing your daily actions. At the end of your week we tally up your score as a percentage against your affirmations, goals and vision board.

You may say that you can just fill in full marks at the end of each week. But in reality, it is yourself you are letting down and not taking the work at hand seriously. This approach over time will reflect a high score as you would expect but your true success will not have been measured and your goals would not have been met.

Gratefulness and abundance

As we achieve our goals through inspiration, we should be grateful for our level of success. Abundance is a beautiful thing. A great way to practice gratitude is to write a note of thanks when you receive as a way to remind yourself of how blessed you are to have the abundance to spend the money you spend and live the way you do.

When we are grateful, we become plentiful. The feeling of abundance is inspiring because it is not a feeling you want to lose. You become more deeply committed to all you do when you treasure what you have. There is no room for complacency when you are grateful.


Goals Focus And Success