About Torri Enso

Torri Enso focuses on self-development and wellbeing. In our fast-paced lives we become so engrossed in our day to day work rather than our self-awareness. This is generally not by choice but by default following our perception of life’s natural progression.

Torri Enso is about our journey of life and self awareness and how we learn to adapt to challenges that life brings .

As a Life Coach, NLP and Mindfulness Practitioner I have learnt to appreciate the “self” and how we can all strive to live healthier lives. In my journey I have held a variety of roles as a son, husband, father, friend and work colleague where each role has a dependency, an impact and an appreciation that generates learning, wisdom and gratitude.

The process of self-awareness can be enlightening, painful and enjoyable at the same time. But what could be worse over time is to continue down the same path day after day and to sink deeper into imbalances that cause so much anxiety, stress, suffering and pain.

As we deepen our ability for self-awareness, both individually and collectively, it is helpful to understand that generally the needed changes will not happen overnight, and we need to train the brain. We all have the ability to improve our lifestyle for the better and in doing so we may change humanity, our future generations and our destiny

Torri Enso is your guide in how to train the brain. Through affirmations, mindfulness, vision boards, habits, guided inspiration, The Four Pillars and goal setting will take you on that journey of the “self” and support living a healthier life.

Start your Torri Enso journey now by understanding the benefits of Life-Balance, Wellbeing and Life-Empowerment.