Define The Dream


Plotting Your Goals

Your first step is to define the dream and picture what does it look like. Brainstorm things you would like to accomplish over the next twelve months. Reach for the sky, all things are possible go for gold.

Write down everything you can think of for at least fifteen minutes, writing as quickly as you can without worrying how you would accomplish your your dream.

Having written down your dreams start plotting your goals in relation to your dreams and your targeted accomplishments no matter the size or negative thoughts that may impact your thoughts.

Having plotted your goals, go back through your list identifying what makes sense and achievable for the year focusing on the top goals. Be realistic about what you can get done, and target on less rather than more.

We suggest picking three major tasks per goal for each month There’s no point in putting pressure on yourself to do more than you know is possible. Don’t set yourself challenges that may not be achievable or you may not have the finances, time or resource required.

You have taken the first steps to change your life and make your dreams come true. But if you lie to yourself about how much you can get done, you’re only setting yourself up for failure.

Learn To Focus The Mind

Goals Focus And Success