Vision Boards


What are Vision Board?

A Vision Board is a collection of images and affirmations of goals and dreams. The intention of the dream board is to inspire and motivate you.

Vision Boards work with a section of your brain called “The Reticular Activating System” (RAS). The RAS acts as a gatekeeper of your brain. It filters the massive amounts of information delivered to you by your sensory organs. Some of these stimulations always get through, for example hearing your name called. However, there is information that your brain can do without and the RAS dismisses it.

The RAS will focus on what is considered as most important to you. The Dream Board triggers the thoughts of what is most important to you and sets the focus of your RAS. The RAS keeps alerting your brain every time you notice something associated with your dream Board.

How does it work?

A Vision Board is an easy way of visualising your goals and desires. Visualisation helps in clarifying and focusing your mind on defining your needs and desires. Your Dream Board will help you begin a daily visualization exercise that ingrains your goals in your subconscious mind making it natural to begin taking action. Your Dream Board will become one of the most powerful tools in activating the energy necessary to defining your goals, tasks while helping you in achieving all you desire.


Visualisation involves creating images, whether it be in your mind or physically creating them, which show your goals and dreams you have for your life. When we visualise, we do it always in the present tense, pretending that something has already happened or is happening now. We use all of our senses to enhance the feeling that what we are imagining is real, so our mind believes that it is real.



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