Meditation Elevating Your Consciousness


Meditation elevates our conscious state of mind through the teachings of spiritual masters. We learn to know of our natural state of mind and awaken our abilities that were once dormant.

Spiritual teaching helps focus our conscious state of the mind. Our fast-paced lives is in a state of constant distraction such as work, emails and social media. Through meditation we take action to reduce stress and the variety of influences that impact our thoughts and wellbeing.

The suggestion is that most of us are in a state of sleep even when awake. Meaning we are blind to our environment and what we perceive to be our reality. Our experiences of life is through unconscious lenses of our past conditioning, which differs completely from that of any other person. This means that for a majority of people, there is a different reality, a different state of mind.

We learn to embrace a higher level of consciousness. Our thoughts and behavior embodies new concepts of compassion, understanding, forgiveness, gratitude, truthfulness and humility. We have a new view of reality that helps us address the challenges and stress of life. and takes us to a higher state.

Meditation is not an instant fix to our mind state and for many it is difficult to master. Through persistence taking small incremental steps to achieve living in the present we can also achieve our life goals.