Unconscious Versus Subconscious What’s The Difference?


Remember By Choice

The unconscious mind is very similar to the subconscious mind in that it also deals with memories. But there is a difference between the two. In simple terms, the unconscious is the storage place for all our memories that have been repressed or which we don’t wish to recall.

It’s a memory that we can’t pull out at our choosing. It’s there, but we can’t remember it no matter how hard we try. Certain psychoanalytical methods can bring back these memories (such as hypnosis) or it can be triggered by a particular event (a scent, a familiar place etc).

The important point to remember here, is that we cannot, by choice, remember anything in our unconscious mind without some special event or technique. This is the power of the unconscious mind.

Memorable choices

The subconscious mind is like the unconscious mind. The major difference being we can choose to remember. The memories are closer to the surface and more easily accessible with a little focus. For example, if I were to ask you to remember what your mobile number is, then you could easily bring that into conscious thought. The interesting thing is that before I asked you to recall it, you had no conscious thought of it at all. It was stored in your subconscious available for ready recall when needed, a bit like the memory in a computer because it’s something that you require quite regularly to remember.

If, however, it wasn’t important to you to recall your mobile number that often then it may be stored a bit deeper. As a result, when you’re asked for your mobile number on the spot you might struggle to remember it.

Conscious And Subconscious Mind

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