The Practice of Direct Experience


Here’s the practice of direct experience, laid out simply:

  1. Notice the sensations of this moment. It might be sounds. Or light. Or sensations on you skin, or in your body. Just notice whatever you notice.
  2.  Experience these sensations directly, without any thoughts, labels, commentary, fantasies, narratives, judgments. Just the experience.
  3.  If you are doing any of these things, just notice, and come back to the experience. Over and over.
  4. Relax into the experience, just as it is. It’s not good or bad, it’s just experience. We don’t have to do anything about it. It doesn’t need to be changed. Be curious about it — what is it like right now?

You can just have the direct experience of life as it is. What a wonderful thing.

What will this practice get you? Calm, focus, peace, happiness? Maybe, probably, sure. But the thing the practice really gets you is just experiencing reality as it is. It’s wonderful, full stop.


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