How To Create Positive Affirmations

how to create affirmations

The first step and most important step in how to create positive affirmations is to identify your negative thoughts and challenges that may occur daily. Consider your daily challenges that take you out of your comfort zone Include any criticisms people have made of you. While creating your list look for a common themes like “inner strength or self-confidence”.

Also include negative thoughts you have held onto for some time. With your list of negative thoughts and challenges we aim to convert them into positive affirmations.

Next create your affirmation on the positive aspect of your self-judgment. Remember the definition of an affirmation.  It is a confident declaration that something is true. It needs to be specific and generate  a strong emotion in you.

  1. Start with the words “I am.” These are the very powerful words.
  2. Use the present tense.
  3. State it in the positive. Affirm what you want, not what you don’t want.
  4. Make it specific so you can relate to it
  5. Let your attitude be open and receptive.
  6. Include an action word ending with –ing.
  7. Include at least one dynamic emotion or feeling word

Make affirmations for yourself, not others.

Speak the affirmation out loud for about five minutes three times a day, morning, midday, and evening. Another option is to write out the affirmation several times in a notebook. Notice over time as you write it your style of writing changes. This could be a clue how your mind perceives the new concept.

You can tweak your positive affirmations as you go. If you feel like one doesn’t fit as well as when you started change it.  It may just be a word here or there that needs changing, or it could be the entire affirmation.

Here’s an example of an affirmation following these guidelines:

“I am grateful for my life and enjoy the wealth and happiness it brings day by day.”

“I am excited by daily challenges they help me increase my knowledge and build my inner strength”

“I live a life of abundance and share my knowledge and strength to help my family grow”

Enjoy the process of creating and repeating affirmations.


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