Associate Members Application

Associate Membership recognises professionals who demonstrate excellence by supporting the self-development of people and aligned with the thoughts and beliefs of Torri Enso.

As an Associate Member you will:

  • Demonstrate you possess up-to-date and relevant skills and knowledge.
  • Demonstrate commitment towards good practice, continuing professional development and and good Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Ensure you remain relevant and support the development of Torri Enso.

What are we looking for in our Associate Members

Associate Members should have at least one year’s experience in a role which is hands-on, supporting peoples development.

If you have recent work experience, then you’re typically…

  • Working operationally with relevant certification to support the needs and development of people (for example, Life-Coach, NLP Practitioner,  Mindfulness Practitioner).
  • Contributing to the thinking around the people practices you support.
  • Analysing information and evidence to build insights into organisation and people issues.
  • Influencing a number of stakeholders such as your colleagues and customers.
  • Responsible for your own work and working collaboratively with a range of people across the organisation.
  • Having an operational impact, changing the day-to-day people approach for your customers and colleagues.
  • Creating short- to medium-term value for employees or your organisation (value which is sustained over a few months or more).

All Associate members need to:

  • Be aware of a range of people practices, and how your work impacts other people practices in your organisation.
  • Have a good understanding of your organisation and the issues it faces.
  • Be committed to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by reflecting on your own performance, proactively developing your professional knowledge, skills and experience, and keeping up-to-date with external trends and developments.
  • Comply with our Code of Professional Conduct.

Associate Member Application Form

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