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The Norm

During many of my daily calls the discussions will cover what we refer to as “The Norm” the life before the virus. As a mindfulness practitioner, I often question what we refer to as “The Norm”.

If we looked at many of its aspects, the reality is that many suffered from a lack of life satisfaction, financial issues, stress, anxiety and bad sleeping patterns impacting their wellbeing.

Take a look below at a summary of the wellbeing stats from the Office of National Statistics for February 2020.

  • Life satisfaction fell in Quarter 3 (July to Sept) 2019 compared with the year before, as concerns about future employment prospects grew.
  • This is the first time (since we started measuring them in 2011) that both our life satisfaction and feeling that things done in life are worthwhile significantly fell, when compared with the year before.
  • Average anxiety ratings remained at an elevated level in the quarter to September 2019, with around 10.6 million people reporting high anxiety. • People’s concerns about the general economic outlook continued to grow up to September 2019, reaching their highest level since late 2011.
  • Expectations about the economy were reflected in real household spending per person, which grew at its slowest rate since the end of 2016, when comparing the latest quarter with the same quarter a year ago.
  • On average, people spent less on cars in Quarter 3 2019 than they did in 2016, with spending on recreation and culture, and utilities growing more slowly over the same time.

ONS – Personal and economic well-being in the UK: February 2020

The New Norm

I believe in this time of lockdown we should turn this situation in to an opportunity to work together locally and globally to prepare for “The New Norm”.

Like the Torri Enso principles “The New Norm” focuses on three steps to success and is defined as follows:

The Norm Reflection – Torri Enso Life-Balance
  • Review The Norm before the virus
  • List the positives and negatives
  • Review job satisfaction
  • Review health with regards to sleep and fitness
  • Review nutrition and eating habits identifying good and bad
  • Review work satisfaction
  • Review friends and family time and are there areas of conflict that needs to be addressed
Lockdown – What should I change – Torri Enso Wellbeing
  • How can I exercise to ensure better health?
  • How and what should I address after reviewing The Norm (Life – Balance)
  • Start meditating to reduce stress, anxiety and improve your wellbeing
  • Start using Affirmations to build a better you
  • What should I be reading or watching to address reviewing The Norm (Life-Balance)
The New Norm – Get Ready – Torri Enso Life-Empowerment

Reach out to “The New Norm” network to help and support in:

  • job satisfaction,
  • health and lifestyle support
  • financial advice and support
  • Like minds building the New Norm
  • Training and Technology

This is only the start in preparing for a New Me and “The New Norm“. Join me in building this network to support all, covering a personal and business level offering services that are required on a local and global scale.

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Help me in making this happen when Lockdown is no longer and we are free to shake hands, embrace each other and build better lives for all – A healthier life for busy lives

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