Torri Enso Planner

The Torri Enso Planner targets desires, dreams and healthier lives

Your Torri Enso Planner helps in focusing on actions daily, weekly and monthly. The intention is to ensure you are focused on your goals day by day and you are also carrying out the inspirational tasks relating to habits, mindfulness, affirmations and your vision board.

By carrying out the daily log you are turning actions into habits while developing the conscious mind to work in favor of your goals, desires and dreams rather than procrastinating and hindering in achieving success and a healthier life.

Your four pillar assessment

Your Torri Enso Four Pillar Assessment is based on the four pillars of life. Dreams manifest themselves within the boundaries of the four pillars and this is a guide to help you in associating your dreams with the four pillars.

The intention of your assessment is to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your four pillars and where you should associate your your goals and tasks to achieve your dreams, desires and wellbeing.

Monthly Planner

Your Torri Enso Planner starts by setting goals, affirmations,Vision Boards, Habits in your first month. In the following months the aim is to monitor change highlighting positive progress while achieving the steps required to meet your desires, goals and wellbeing.  

  • Monitor monthly progress by recording achievements from previous months while setting goals for the month.
  • List negative and positive habits aiming to make steps to reduce negative habits while introducing new positive habits
  • Create and amend your Vision Board to align with your goals, desires and dreams
  • Write affirmations that support building your belief in achieving your goals, desires and dreams
  • Focus on your state of mind by developing your understanding of the “present ” through mindfulness and your state of health through meditation
  • Monitor the progress of your Life-Balance through the Four Pillar Assessment and your Achievement Summary

Weekly Planner

Set goals and actions required for the week ensure you focus on achievable actions and goals.

  • Target no more than three goals
  • Review actions from last week and add uncompleted actions to this week.
  • Note achievable actions for this week that support your goals.
  • Add like minded inspirational contacts they will help in visualising your desires and goals.

Daily Record

Set actions required for the day to meet your goals.

  • Ensure your daily affirmations meet your goals and actions.
  • Review vision boards and ensure they align with your desires and goals.
  • Note inspirational moments they may not appear significant today but they will enhance your desires and goals.
  • Confirm your daily meditation, vision board, affirmations and goals review to support your effort in driving your success.

Purchase the Torri Enso Planner Kit

The Torri Enso Planner is a collection of pages designed to improve your quality of life and help you achieve your goals, desires and dreams. It is a fully comprehensive guide to self-awareness while aiming to train the brain to increase productivity and wellbeing.

Purchase the Torri Enso planner down loadable kit for only £18.00 and and also access links to your Torri Enso Four Pillar Assessment.