Torri Enso Four Pillar Assessment

Your Torri Enso Four Pillar Assessment is based on The Four Pillars of life consisting of wealth, health, faith and endearment. Self-awareness, anxiety, stress and dreams manifest themselves within the boundaries of The Four Pillars and this is a guide to help you in associating your life and The Four Pillars. The intention of your assessment is to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your four pillars.

In an ideal world our four pillars of wealth, health, faith and endearment are all aligned but this is not the norm. As an example we may have a healthy bank balance and secure job role but the impacts could be on our health and family due to not having the time to spend with the family and the time needed to exercise. This you may already know but the Torri Enso Assessment will highlight the degree of alignment and as a guide will help you in making the decisions that will help in improving your lifestyle and living a healthier life.

The Scores

Use the low scores as a guide to where focus is required on setting your goals, tasks and habits to achieve a healthier life.

Colour Chart

  • Red reflects action is needed immediately
  • Amber reflects progress and attention required over time
  • Green reflects a strong pillar where actions may not be required while also noting this could be impacting other pillars

Example of Torri Enso Assessment feedback below:

Torri Enso Assessment


Score & Action


Wealth can be considered as subjective. Many people measure wealth in different ways and on average it is based on scales of income, job status and perception.

Wealth is something to strive for setting goals to fulfill our dreams. When setting goals that target wealth we should be cautious to ensure we align The Four Pillars.

You must be aware that a change in wealth for some drive changes in personality and moral entitlement leading to unethical behavior that impacts the alignment of The Four Pillars.



Your focus should be mental and physical health.

Many people suffer at the point of stress because their physical and mental health could not sustain the life that they had assumed.

Here again you must assess your strengths and your weaknesses. Try to identify your weak links? Where is your body and mind strong and where is it fragile?



The aim is to help you to think in harmony with your beliefs or faith. Gain a greater perspective of your surroundings and life.

Whether you believe in God, it is important that they know that there is a part of you that cannot be corrupted, lead or influenced in doing what you consider as uncomfortable.

You could call it gut feel, whatever you might call it within a religious or a general vernacular, there is a part of you that has to guide you in trust, fear and harmony.



Review your thoughts relating to relationships. Relationships are close to the heart and drive emotion.

Understanding and dealing with past emotions helps in how we present ourselves, the trust and fear we share with loved ones, colleagues and friends.

Relationships play a part in our wellbeing an requires  time and focus.


Next Steps

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