The Disciplined Mind


    Why Discipline?

    We are all aware success normally doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, the people who seem to be able to pull off any kind of success in a very short period of time have actually paid their dues. They had to go through a long process of disappointment, failure, and pain. If you see a lot of winners around you, it’s because they put in the time. The good news is, you can do the same.

    Discipline is not just about achieving your goals. It’s also about becoming a better person.
    Discipline is closely related to how well you do in life. This is not something that you pick up to solve some sort of problem, and then promptly drop. Instead, this is a key part of you that you need to invest a proper amount of time, effort and energy in, which will continue to pay dividends long into the future.

    Many Levels of Discipline

    There are many levels to discipline. There is no one-size-fits-all set of features to discipline. In many cases, it requires adaptability, depending on the particular set of circumstances you’re dealing with.

    With certain people, you need more discipline than others. In certain aspects of your life, like education, you will need a certain type of discipline, whereas you would need different levels of self control when it comes to avoiding drugs, alcoholism or any form of addiction. This is also true when it comes to emotional self control.

    It is easy tell people what you’re thinking while also the easiest way to burn your bridges. If you want to become part of the solution, you have to know how to control your emotions and channel them in a productive way. All of this requires discipline.

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